In March 2020, the whole world was placed on pause. The Corona Virus shut the entire state of Florida down. No gyms, no resturants, no jobs. Our staff at ACE League Orlando, led by our Commissioner, WIll Lee, set out to spread Hope, Love, and Joy throughout the city of Orlando. 5 Food Drives later, so far we have served over 5,000 Families meals in order to help cope with the current tragedies! 

ACE stands for Aspirations Can Empower. We exemplify this by giving back to our younger generations. We were blessed to be able to have aspiring olympian, high school swimming star Leah-Gentry Tuney, Former NFL Player Torri Williams, and Music Artist 1Bruh Code inspiring the students of Academic Center for Excellence, A.C.E for their big upcoming state test during their prep rally!